1. "The hardest part of underwater photos was not floating to the surface and smiling even though water is going straight up your nose," - Georgia. Read more about our shoot with Real Simple on our blog..http://bit.ly/1t5ISY4

  2. Aqualillies are jumping into summer!! 

  3. Fun in the sun! The Aqualillies are getting ready for spring break, what are your plans?!?

  4. Chanel’s latest advertisement featuring Aqualilly Alex Stensby. We are lovely this timeless and classy photo by Patrick Demarchelier

  5. Dream or Reality // underwater photoshoot with Mary 

  7. Totally rad photoshoot with an even radder chick 

  8. quotesfield:

    "For every little child…" - Lupita Nyong’o in her Oscar acceptance speech

  9. Aqualillies wearing white… on this rainy weekend we’re definitely dreaming of a white summertime.

  10. Lillies love to love. Check out more about what the Aqualillies love on our blog.

    Our Pinterest and Instagram also has plenty of all things Aqualillies!

  11. "You won’t need a gorgeous swimsuit or flowery old-school cap to swim, just a sense of adventure and a love of learning something new in the recreation-loving sector of your life." Great article on NBC Los Angeles about our classes starting this summer!


  12. Want to see us in action? Check out this video where we swim our hearts out at the Thompson Beverly Hills.

  13. From coast to coast Aqualillies spark excitement with LA Aqualilly Deirdre Barnes to Miami Kylie Cohen. #red #rockabilly #retro #fashion #aqualillies #love

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  14. Synchro is always artistic :)

    Black And White Animated GIF - Giphy

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  15. Aqualilly Sarah Scott underwater in Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” music video.

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